Edward Snowden

Edward Joseph Snowden (30)  a computer specialist from North Carolina used to work for Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency , in 2009 he left to work for private contractor  Booz Allen Hamilton, a tech consulting firm. With Booz Allen, he was shipped off to Japan to work as a subcontractor in an NSA office before being transferred to an office in Hawaii. After only three months with the firm Snowden began noticing government programs involving the NSA spying on American citizens via phone calls and internet use . He took top secret NSA documents   and flew to Hong Kong where he leaked them to the media outlets like the Guardian Newspaper and Washington post . As  the release of classified material was  the most significant leak in US history the American authorities  charged him with espionage  and theft of government property, after which he fled to Russia and still resides there under temporary asylum .

Now most of the people are calling Snowden a patriot and a  brave national hero , but I think that the act like this cannot be labelled just good or bad because we cannot take it either black or white. First  we should analyse that what good can come from this, well I think that every U.S. taxpaying citizen should have right to know that what his/her federal government is up to especially when it comes to breaching their own privacy , the N.S.A  should inform the taxpayers about the importance of such an activity regarding their own safety against acts of terror. So Snowden did a right thing by letting us know about what is our government up to. But did he really? I mean stealing such classified and sensitive documents and releasing them out of U.S. in place like Hong Kong next door to China which is pro communist and then hiding in Russia birth place of communism who will pay any big amount to get hold of those top secret files, so how safe we are now ? . I think Snowden sacrificed his $200,000 job to do a right thing in a wrong way.


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