ARAB SPRING: The Uprising

In early 2011 the Syrian public started protesting against the Basahar AL Assad’s administration demanding the democratic and economic reforms. The protests were a response of Arab spring spreading into the Syria from neighbouring Middle Eastern and North African countries. By the end of March 2011 the Syrian government started using violent tactics against the protesters, converting those peaceful protesters into a rebel force. Thousand of defected soldiers from Syrian army joined the rebel forces and established FSA( free Syrian Army) . The rebel forces are backed by western powers like U.S.A and U.K and Arab countries like Qatar and Saudia Arabia, whereas the Syrian army is supported by Iran and Russia which could result in Syrian army using chemical weapons against the FSA and Syrian public. So far there are more 120,000  deaths since the civil war started, millions are fleeing into neighbouring countries like Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. The FSA and other rebel forces want Syria free of Assad’s regime and economic ,racial and sectarian discrimination, which if happens going to take so many lives and sacrifices.(SYRIAN CIVIL WAR WIKIPEDIA) (A GUIDE TO CONFLICT IN SYRIA  BBC WEB PAGE).

On 25th of January 2011 public protests and demonstrations started in Cairo Egypt against the government of Housni Mubarik resulted in famous Egyptian Revolution , there were so many causes of the civil disobedience but the few main ones were unemployment, inflation, lower wages, electoral corruption, censorship in media and police brutality. Egyptians were so fed up of the Mubarik regime that they founded the Muslim Brother hood and wanted him out of presidency , to oppose  that  Mubarik used police force to push the revolution down by power which resulted in about 850 people killed but he was unsuccessful in oppressing the public and was imprisoned for life after being trailed in the court. Then the new president Morsi was deposed by a coup led by ministry of defence, now the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Adly Monsor, is the interim Head of State until new presidential elections, who is imprisoning the main personalities who were responsible of protest, uprising and awakening of the public through social media, under the law of illegal  protest so it seems like that three year protest and revolution for equality , dignity and human rights seems further away than ever.(AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL CNN REPORT) (EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION WIKIPEDIA).

On line activism and social media played a big role in Egyptian revolution and Syrian uprising. In the case of Egypt the Facebook group started which later had 325,000 members who were informed by bloggers and citizen journalists, through Facebook ,Twitter, Flickr, Blogs and other new media tools about the location and times of protests and demonstrations and the dates of strikes as well. (EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION WIKIPEDIA).

Where as in Syria the rebel soldiers mounted the camera on an AK47 so that we could get an actual experience and perspective of the civil war.  The civil war in Syria could be considered the first social media war. Across youtube, facebook,twitter, blog post, and other forums and chat rooms, both sides  are waging propaganda offensives. ( DAILY DOT.COM SYRIAN CIVIL SOCIAL MEDIA WAR).



STEM jobs are the jobs related to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Each of these fields are further divided into the different branches, which covers a lot of careers. The market demand for the graduates in any of the STEM field is very high as compared to the other graduate with the art major. The reason for that is the skill level, because a MD, engineer or software developer, has more useful skills regarding the availability of the jobs in the market.  A doctor in I.C.U or a chemical engineer working in an oil refinery or a pharmaceutical  factory is no doubt more useful to the society than a musician or a folklorist, that is why they get highly paid as compared to the other jobs. But that does not  mean that, lets say an artist is less skill full, but they are cases where musicians who have worked hard, now own their own record label companies and are very successful in earning millions like rapper DR. Dre who owns a mansion in L.A. which  is simply a dream for an ordinary Doctor. But it is a rare example as we see very few examples like Dr. Dre while the STEM jobs consume almost every related graduate fresh out of the college.

The Industrial Engineer gets paid $38.63 per hour, or a physicist gets paid $77 per hour(according to ) which is 26 percent more than  average salary of their non stem counter parts.(

About My Major

My major is Economics, more commonly known as “ECON” amongst the students. There are two branches of Economics, Micro and Macro Economics, in micro we deal with the more basic and individual elements in the economy whereas in Macro we deal with the issues regarding the  entire economic system. All size of business companies and corporations, federal and state monetary system , health system ,retail system , educational structures, banking and stock market and so many other major factors on which society of a state or a country depends upon are run according to the economic analysis made by experts. I chose it as my major because I always wanted to contribute to my society in  making it more efficient , which I will be able to do as an economist .

Computers are big part of the current education system, we use computing systems to get our work and projects done in very less time which would have taken many hours to finish if it was not for the computers. Specially with the invention of windows operating system, life of the user has been made so much easier and more fun as compared to back in late 80s when I got my first computer. From plotting graphs to mapping world’s GDP the computers are used in every department of this field. Stock exchanges, banks, financial firms, national department of treasury , bureau of statistics and many other economics related professions are totally based on computers and internet. In September 2008 the London Stock Exchange crashed and millions were lost on a high trading day because the LSE’s computer network was down for few hours. Total dependence on the internet and computers has done wonders for stock and financial markets but it also has some draw backs like when it goes down it takes everything down with it . In future with more increase in the dependence upon computers, the scientists will face bigger challenges to take over the problems like crashing of  important and sensitive networks and cyber crimes.



With the citizenship comes the rights and the responsibilities of the citizen. Being born in some country or in some cases  choosing to become a citizen of a certain country does not mean that a person only have rights and constitution and court of law are there only to provide the protection, it also requires great deal of duties and responsibilities . The citizenship is not just the legality. Supporting the constitution,  defending the democracy , obeying all kind of laws ,  and respecting other people’s  beliefs and rights are few of the many main responsibilities of the U.S citizen, but one of the most important is the civic duty.

The trend started in the Ancient Romans when Roman citizens used to contribute in the Roman society. Civic duty is a kind of engagement in which the citizens work to make a difference in the civic life of their  communities , it could be an individual effort or a collective actions,  but the purpose always is to identify and address the public issues in the society. For instance if we take a normal U.S. community  so the things like voting , filing for and paying taxes, electoral participation, serving on a jury, charity work, raising funds, condemning and resisting the wrongs in the society and supporting a cause are some of  the very main civic duties the U.S. citizens are obliged to.  The community or a society in any normal place like U.S. cannot  possibly work without the responsible  citizen carrying out these duties.  But there are  examples of many third world countries where the corrupt federal authorities take the welfare work of  civil and public servants and other philanthropists for granted and they themselves do not or in some cases do very little for public welfare, sadly we see none or very little protest against the corrupt government by the same group of people running big welfares and charities , this is may be the one of the main reason that these countries are still under development , which leads us to the point that the civic duties carried out in the  perfect balance is the path to the nations’ big achievements and hence becoming great.