With the citizenship comes the rights and the responsibilities of the citizen. Being born in some country or in some cases  choosing to become a citizen of a certain country does not mean that a person only have rights and constitution and court of law are there only to provide the protection, it also requires great deal of duties and responsibilities . The citizenship is not just the legality. Supporting the constitution,  defending the democracy , obeying all kind of laws ,  and respecting other people’s  beliefs and rights are few of the many main responsibilities of the U.S citizen, but one of the most important is the civic duty.

The trend started in the Ancient Romans when Roman citizens used to contribute in the Roman society. Civic duty is a kind of engagement in which the citizens work to make a difference in the civic life of their  communities , it could be an individual effort or a collective actions,  but the purpose always is to identify and address the public issues in the society. For instance if we take a normal U.S. community  so the things like voting , filing for and paying taxes, electoral participation, serving on a jury, charity work, raising funds, condemning and resisting the wrongs in the society and supporting a cause are some of  the very main civic duties the U.S. citizens are obliged to.  The community or a society in any normal place like U.S. cannot  possibly work without the responsible  citizen carrying out these duties.  But there are  examples of many third world countries where the corrupt federal authorities take the welfare work of  civil and public servants and other philanthropists for granted and they themselves do not or in some cases do very little for public welfare, sadly we see none or very little protest against the corrupt government by the same group of people running big welfares and charities , this is may be the one of the main reason that these countries are still under development , which leads us to the point that the civic duties carried out in the  perfect balance is the path to the nations’ big achievements and hence becoming great.



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