About My Major

My major is Economics, more commonly known as “ECON” amongst the students. There are two branches of Economics, Micro and Macro Economics, in micro we deal with the more basic and individual elements in the economy whereas in Macro we deal with the issues regarding the  entire economic system. All size of business companies and corporations, federal and state monetary system , health system ,retail system , educational structures, banking and stock market and so many other major factors on which society of a state or a country depends upon are run according to the economic analysis made by experts. I chose it as my major because I always wanted to contribute to my society in  making it more efficient , which I will be able to do as an economist .

Computers are big part of the current education system, we use computing systems to get our work and projects done in very less time which would have taken many hours to finish if it was not for the computers. Specially with the invention of windows operating system, life of the user has been made so much easier and more fun as compared to back in late 80s when I got my first computer. From plotting graphs to mapping world’s GDP the computers are used in every department of this field. Stock exchanges, banks, financial firms, national department of treasury , bureau of statistics and many other economics related professions are totally based on computers and internet. In September 2008 the London Stock Exchange crashed and millions were lost on a high trading day because the LSE’s computer network was down for few hours. Total dependence on the internet and computers has done wonders for stock and financial markets but it also has some draw backs like when it goes down it takes everything down with it . In future with more increase in the dependence upon computers, the scientists will face bigger challenges to take over the problems like crashing of  important and sensitive networks and cyber crimes.




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