Privacy is a right or ability to act on that right of people by secluding their selective information. The pieces of information that are considered private usually varies from person to person and culture to culture. But a normal individual considers things like date of birth, financial information, tax information, travel information, home address, phone numbers, medical information and other personal identities private. So person has a right and it is person’s will that to provide or to seclude any sort of these private information. But there are some cases where we have to provide the very confidential information like our tax information which has all of our income and savings and expenses and house hold information, but if we do not provide it then we would not be able to file our tax returns. But on the other hand, lets say if someone has a facebook account then it is not necessary  to provide the informations like date of birth and address etc.

But there are so many cases that people have been scammed by cyber criminals after getting their highly confidential information from on line websites or other social media sites, then again if a person does not want his/her privacy to be intrude then they could stop sharing these kind of informations. While the publication of government or corporation information comes under different category. The freedom of information act of 1982 gives right to every one to access the information government or a corporation holds. But there is specific kind of data which should be not accessible, because there are so many national security issues related to it. So there is no problem regarding government receiving published information as long as we practice our F.O.I right act with in its boundaries. 


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