Every day digital technology is generating new possibilities to work and play, to transact and interact. As more digital devices get connected they can help us access a range of services including communications and payments. The benefits of these digital services are many, as these transactions and other digital communications are very fast and efficient . But there are also many security concerns regarding the digital technology. Potentially, there are risks for individual identities as well as personal and corporate information. (GEMALTO)

There were so many incidents in the recent past where the servers of the different organizations specially the retail firms were breached by cyber criminals and the personal information and data worth millions was stolen and misused by the criminals. In the case of such an incident its the responsibility of the organization to inform the public and consumers and compensate them as well. They should do it  because if public trust them and pay them to handle their data and information then it is public’s right to be informed of any incident. Just like the bank, if the banks gets robbed than they do inform the customers and try to compensate them as well.  That is why as a customers we have right to know if our private information has been accessed.

After the Heart Bleed and  a software flaw that has left up to two-thirds of the world’s websites vulnerable to attack by hackers, of course I am very less likely to shop on line. Who would let other people have their secret and private information no one! On top of that it is hard now to trust the big organizations that they will inform the public about the compromised information. I would change my opinion only in one case that the  companies get a real good digital security system and suppose if still they get breached then they should compensate the affected people. (ECONOMIST.COM)



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