Watch Dogs

The Watch dogs is new upcoming game.The game is set within a fictionalized, hyper-connected version of CHI TOWN, which is managed through a centralised system called CTOS, developed by the fictional Blume Corporation. The core game mechanic in Watch Dogs is hacking, the player in the game will have smart phone with access to other people computers, government computers, traffic lights, security camera etc, he will have reach to other people’s personal life.

I think that it is a better functioning more powerful example that is coded by professional data miners, like the  data being interconnected, and the world’s increasing use of technology questioning who exactly runs the computers they depend on. But it is set in virtual world and not really possible.

After I logged in to the watch dog via Facebook , it gave me lots of information about me . But all of that information is taken from the Facebook itself . So this means that it cannot pull any more information about me other than what is already on the Facebook , which is of course not any kind data which is vulnerable. To intrude properly in to some one’s private information, I think they have to come up with some thing more powerful than this. The way state agencies are making progress now a days it might be possible, but for now, not that I know of.



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